Warrior Wazer

I’m so fascinated by Waze. I’m curious to see how Google implements it after their $1.1B purchase. I’m curious if State Highway departments use it to identify where there are disabled vehicles on the shoulder, or if fire/rescue would ever use it to get to emergencies (especially in big cities). I’m curious when it’ll be more likely than not someone uses it every time they drive somewhere. When/if it’ll be implemented into a car’s computer system. If Waze will ever try to implement things that would help local law enforcement, like reporting the location of a drunk driver, or someone doing 100 mph in and out of lanes down the highway. Honestly it’d be way easier to do that through Waze than to call the non-emergency line and try to explain where I am.

As of this morning, I’m in the top 10% of high scorers on Waze in the state of Maryland, ha.