How to Improve ESPN’s Fantasy Draft

ESPN’s Fantasy draft tool is really solid, but there’s one thing I noticed as I was drafting my hockey team this season that could definitely be improved. Since most people are drafting on their lunch break at work they’re short on time — and sensitive about it. So when someone signs up for the draft and then goes completely idle, it’s a nuisance. When more than a handful do this, it becomes a huge pain as each Owner requires 90 long seconds before the tool automatically picks for them (most Owners actively drafting only need 20-45 seconds per round, so 90 feels like forever).

Here’s how you fix this and cater to the people who are actually participating (and, you know, looking at those banner ads):

  1. If an Owner goes more than 2 rounds with no active selection, i.e. AutoPick selects for them after draining the full 90 seconds, they’ll get a message that says something like, “Looks like you’re not there. To respect the other Owner’s time, we’ll be moving through your rounds a little faster. Click I’m Here at anytime and we’ll give you your full 90 seconds again.”
  2. Then with each additional round that they remain idle, give them 10 fewer seconds before AutoPick kicks in (not to exceed an Owner getting less than 30 seconds per round).

Assuming an Owner is idle for the entire draft, this would save 9.5 minutes each. Pretty significant, and it’d make the people actually trying to draft much happier.