“If you’re already in a mess, you ain’t got room to make one”

This video in general is great, but one part in particular really struck a chord (around the 10:40 mark).

My most productive times are when I have the freedom to make a creative mess. You too. I need room to be crazy. To make some mistakes. To brainstorm. To be chaotic, go a little off the edge. That is gonna be your most productive time… when you have the freedom to do that. However, folks, if you’re already in a mess, you ain’t got room to make one. If your kitchen’s a mess, you ain’t got time or energy to have a creative dinner for your friends. If your desk and your office are a mess you don’t have room and space to go crazy about some new project and spread out and have a brainstorm of ideas. If your email is backed up on you with a thousand unprocessed emails and you got three thousand other things going on in your head, you have no space to take advantage of discretionary time that may show up in terms of being creative.

I was really into GTD years ago, but I didn’t realize how many of its principles stuck with me until re-watching and -reading some of this stuff. I’m such a Next Action guy at work now.