May 28, 2013


There’s a really cool app on Spotify called Lazify I discovered last week. Basically, it’s Pandora with some extra perks. After you install it in Spotify, you drag a song into it and it’ll spit out a playlist of 25 songs that you’d probably like (using So instead of having to listen to / wait to get through Pandora recommendations, you can see a bunch instantly.


  • “Smoother” – Daughter
  • “Lost in the Light” – Bahamas
  • “Better Than Love” – Griffin House
  • “Winter Song” – The Head and the Heart


Some new favorites:

040_Milú curioso


This is Paris (Gare Haussmann St Lazare)

Iya Traoré


The Wikipedia entry on dopamine.


As I’ve been looking through random people’s Flickr pages, I’ve been wondering how much you can glean from a person’s personality, backgrounds, hopes, dreams, etc from the photos they favorite. Something else that’s interesting is when I check out the Favorites of some of the people whose photos I like a lot, they’re really different. I thought the photos they liked would be pretty similar in style to what they take and post, but more often than not they’re significantly different. I thought that was interesting. Sort of grass is greener-ish.