Dreams and old friends

Whose dreams are you appearing in?

I wonder about this whenever someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in a decade or more shows up in one of my dreams. “Am I appearing in the dreams of someone I haven’t even thought of in years?” is the question that typically  follows next. If so, I wonder what archetype I play in their memory. Would it be interesting to share these occurances currently never known by anyone else, and if so, how would you do it without making it creepy?

DreamAppearances.com — or something. From the dreamer‘s standpoint, maybe you can search people publicly listed on Facebook, then anonylously select who appeared. Or… if they aren’t on Facebook or are private, maybe you can enter some information like their name and where you knew them (city/state). And from the dreamee‘s standpoint, you could find yourself via the Facebook search tool, or put your name/s (maiden) and any locations you’ve lived to see how many times you’ve been anonymously “mentioned” (to borrow the Twitter concept).

Maybe there’s even a way the dreamee could get contact info for the dreamer and reconnect.