Prediction Outcomes

Yesterday I put together a formula to predict the outcomes of a few NHL games for 3/28/13. The results are in.

Pittsburgh vs. Winnipeg
I had PGH winning easily. They did: 4-0.

Carolina vs. Toronto
I had TOR winning, though not as easily as PGH. They did: 6-3.

NY Islanders vs. NY Rangers
I had this one really close, but Islanders winning. They did: 4-3. The closing Vegas Line had NYR favored at -135; NYI +115.

Columbus vs. Edmonton
I had this one really close, too, in favor of Columbus. Edmonton ultimately won 6-4, but the final goal was an empty netter – so a very close game.

St. Louis vs. LA
I had LA winning this one, even though the closing Vegas Line favored STL at -130; LA +110. LA did win: 4-2.

All together I was right 4 out of 5, with 2 of those wins being against the Vegas odds. I’m sure it’s not at all reliable at this point, but fun/exciting outcomes nonetheless.

More variables and tinkering to come. Too bad there isn’t much season left at this point.