The Standing Desk Experiment – Pt. 1

I’ve been interested in standing desks for a few years now. This is partially because of the documented health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, like in this New York Times article from earlier this year, this article in Time, or pretty much any results from “sedentary” in Google News. But mostly because I think it’d help me work. No matter how comfortable my chair is, sitting in it for 8 hours a day is tough — and if it’s uncomfortable, forget it. And no matter how much sleep I get, or how great a breakfast and lunch I eat, by 3 pm I’m feeling stiff, antsy, and distracted.

The Hurdles

  • They’re expensive. Most you’ll find online are a few hundred up to $2,000 or so.
  • If you decide you hate it, you’ll feel dumb dumping the investment to go back to sitting.
  • You’ll stick out to all your coworkers.

The Side Steps

The Internet is so awesome sometimes. So, I found this really cool guy’s blog post about a hack standing desk he made using $22 worth of Ikea furniture. The trick is he stacks it on top of his existing desk. Brilliant. Hurdle 1 of not breaking the bank: check.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk by colin_n, on Flickr

If after trying it, you absolutely hate it, take the Ikea addition off your desk. Boom, done. You’re back to normal. Twenty bucks lost. Well, not even. Finding another use for Ikea furniture is easy.

As for Hurdle 3, yeah, you will stick out. I’m guessing lots of funny looks and questions like “Are you really going to stand all day?” come with the territory.

The Shocking Twist

I’m going to try the standing $22 Ikea style desk starting next week. Here’s a picture of my desk as of today for comparison.

Stay tuned for more pictures and commentary as I give it a try.


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